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Guang Ming District.Guang Dong Province, PRC

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Shenzhen Honyton Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Shenzhen Honyton Machinery Co., Ltd.



The systemic design on safety

The one of the most fundamental requirement for HVLS fan is its safety!

A safe fan should ensure any part will never fall down to threat the safety of the people underneath, even when it is hit by outside force accidently. 

Honyton is the safest product in industry securing by three independent safety chains: 

The most accidents happened in practice were blade falling down, and the frequent broken location were the place where the blade was fixed on hub, which means the third chain is the most important chain in reliable connection. 

Honyton design two device to face the challenge, rubber cushion and mutual inlay of the hub and blade handle. 


Based on above two strengths, Honyton the only one to initially commits to customers that any part of the fan will not fall down in normal operation, even be hit by moving forklift or other objects. 


Anti-falling device


Description on Anti-Falling Device

HT Series

HK Series

HY Series

HX Series


Extra steel rope wrapping between I beam and the motor frame


Trò chơi thẻ tín dụng 4 stabilization ropes connect the frame and ceiling


the combination of the step driving key with a nut on the shaft sleeve prevent

falling of the hub in any case



4 anti-falling hooks to hold the hub in case of the hub falling down

Trò chơi thẻ tín dụng  

Trò chơi thẻ tín dụng  


The sliders inserted in the cylinders to limit the range of up & down of the blades

Trò chơi thẻ tín dụng  


Trò chơi thẻ tín dụng The rubber cushions coated on the sliders can absorb the vibration energy



Trò chơi thẻ tín dụng The blade handle and the slider are fastened in a self-lock way




Safety commitment

Trò chơi thẻ tín dụng Based on our self-confidence to the products, Honyton initially commits to the customers of HT series that any component or part of the fan will never fall down at normal condition. 

Honyton will compensate the loss caused by such falling down accidents.